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My Blood Approves - Amanda Hocking This is my first book review so I'm not all that good at expressing my here I go :D

This book was not what I had in mind. I thought it was going to be an awesome read when I saw the cover of the book (yes, I judge covers) but it totally disappointed me.

The main girl character, Alice, is whiny, naive, selfish and does not think about the repercussions of her actions. Her relationship with her little brother Milo is just disappointing as she cares very little for him and does not act like how a big sister should act while Milo constantly worries about her school work and looks after her.

Her love interests were Jack and Peter, both brothers. My favourite one is definitely Jack, though he seemed oddly childish after Alice found out about what he was and in the beginning, he was all sort of mature and charismatic. Peter does not seem like a boring character (I kinda find him interesting), just very distant as he rarely appears in the book

Some odd parts I found in the book that was weird and infuriating-
-Her best friend Jane does not seem like a 'best friend' at all as she rarely appears in the book and when she does, it's nearly always at school.
-Alice does not have any social life as she hangs around with Jack everyday (shouldn't her 'best friend' be around with her all the time?)
-Alice has bad school grades (practically failing is my guess), so shouldn't one of her homeroom teachers talk to her or her parents about it?
-Alice was just totally into the idea of becoming a vampire like Jack even when Mae (Jack's sister in law) told her about how everyone around Alice would die and be gone, Alice never for one second thought about how Milo or her mum will die before her or how he would be the only at home when she gets turned.
-There isn't a definite story plot (it's sort of like Twilight, minus the italian coven and werewolves) which is kinda boring....

There is however, some positives about the book-
-Alice and Jack's relationship wasn't instant. It actually developed through time which I thought was really nice since so many YA books these days are all about physical attraction and love at first sight. URGH!
-Alice is very curious about things as she didn't immediately believe that Jack was a vampire.
-The vampire storylines (relationship, bonds etc) was very interesting and definitely not a cliche.

Overall, it is a book that I do not hate or love. Just very non-chalent (I would read the sequel but I wouldn't scream with excitement to read the sequel).

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