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Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally description

Why this book has a four star plus rating is beyond me.
I mean really? There are just so many things WRONG AND BULLSHIT with this book that it makes me wonder WHY this stupid crap deserves so much positive reviews.



1. Jordan's best friend Henry is your typical jock who screws around with a different girl each day. Why? So he can cope (and why is he trying to cope? see point no.3). And does our Jordan have a problem with it? Nope! She apparently thinks if Henry is happy doing this, then it's fine and okay. PFFTTT.

2. The second the new guy Tyler steps foot on the football field, Jordan turns into Bieber fever fan girl mush.
This is what she write into her diary when she got home from just meeting him for five minutes:

I've never seen anyone so freaking gorgeous...I've never seen a guy naked...Well, I guess I've seen Henry in his boxers bunches of times, and his body is hot-scalding hot wings hot, so Ty must be gorgeous, And I want to touch...

AWWW....How wtf sweet? She already want to see gorgeous Tyler naked! Excuse me while I go vomit.

3. So what was Henry trying to cope with? Well ladies and gentlemen, our Henry here is actually in love with Jordan! GASP!
Didn't see that one coming now did you?
And Jordan never knew! Surprise! And what happened when she found out about Henry's feelings? She realized that she actually loves Henry instead of Tyler (they were already dating by then) so she goes after Henry and confesses her love to him!
But no....Henry just wants to stay friends even though she's the one he loves (face palm), so Jordan goes around and screws with Tyler again and when Henry sees this, he starts a cat fight with Tyler.
Oh the drama! I wanted to smash my laptop in pieces when I was finished with that part.

4. 10 gazillion more little details that made me rage like a psychotic maniac (think Penryn's mum from Angelfall) that would just take me 10 gazillion more years to list because by then I would be dead, so take this as the cue to not read the book.

I want to end this review on a happy note

Happy new year everyone! :DD

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