The ending is Coai

Cinder - Marissa Meyer This is how I imagine Prince Kai and Cinder to look like:

description favourite couple from Boys over Flowers....shall rewatch drama again...
Anyway that's beside the point. I just wanted to share with everyone what I thought Kai and Cinder looked like.

Now back to the story.
(that is not really a spoiler) THAT'S THE COOLEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD!

Actual rating: 3.85 (Yes, I like to be very specific with my rating sometimes)

This book had so much potentials and don't get me wrong, it's not a bad book or anything it's just missing that few tidbit of magic that I can't overlook to give this a 5 star rating.

This is my main problem with the book. The book is set in futuristic China, but what bothered me the most about that setting was that many of the characters' names were very Japanese (Prince Kaito and Cinder's Android Iko) and then there were also very English sounding names (Cinder and her step sister Pearl) which makes me frown in frustration, wondering why there isn't any Chinese sounding names which makes me wonder:
What language do they speak? Chinese? English? Japanese? A new language? It all wasn't explained very clearly.

How did the economy and stuffs like that work? We know that other parts of the world still exists and the government officials often have meetings together via netscreens (computer/ipad skyping?) but nothing more.

And what happened during World War IV? And the one before that? How did Beijing's population of seventeen million plus get reduced to two and a half million? Okay so they might have all died from the war or the plague but the author didn't mention any of this. I don't want to have to guess and be left with vague answers and frustration you know...and speaking about frustration and the plague.....I wished there were more specific or cool symptoms towards the plague that would have made it scary and horrifying since the plague is carried to Earth by the people of Lunar from the moon but all I got was that they had purple rashes which was kinda disappointing because like...the Lunars have bio-electric powers.

I like Cinder. She's not your typical Nora Lucy Ever YA heroine who moans about her suckish life and makes stupid decisions and falls for douche bags. She is kind, independent, clever and who am I kidding, she's a Cyborg! Which reminds me of my love for Chi from Chobits.

Prince Kai
Prince Kai is alright. He is not some psychopath who stalks the girl he's in love with but is down to earth and kind. That would have been fine with me but he's a prince, a royal so shouldn't he at least be a little snobbish in some ways? He seemed a little too perfect but then he's supposed to be Prince Charming so I guess that was kind of the purpose....

Also, I don't get how he falls in love with Cinder either . I mean I could understand why Cinder would like him, I just don't get how/why he liked her back.
He basically met Cinder at her mechanic store to ask her to fix his android (shouldn't he have a servant to do that for him?) and from then on, every time they meet, he sort of flirts and shows particular interest in her. WHAT.

Aside from my disappointments, this book is a fun read and a great retelling of Cinderella. The twists and turns of the story is a bit predictable but it's definitely still worth reading and I look forward to the book's sequel Scarlett.

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